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Most Conservatory's are often forgotten about or even just a little neglected and over time start to get darker from a build up of dirt, grime, moss, mold and in some cases nicotine. Some choose to clean them themselves, but soon become fully aware of how difficult this task can be.

We understand that Conservatory's are a challenge to clean.

They are difficult to access properly & safely, they have large areas of Glass or Poly Carbonate, an endless amount of UPVC or Wood and challenging temperatures to work in can make it a real thought to tackle.

At Mahan we believe Conservatory's are a valuable asset to your home and similarly as you would take good care of a valuable Car, a Conservatory needs care and attention to keep it in top condition. By doing so you will benefit fully from these wonderful spaces and enjoy them to the full all year round.

Given the difficulties mentioned, what can you do about it?

A Mahan Deluxe Clean will Transform your Conservatory!

Mahan Conservatory Cleaning

16 Stage Deluxe Conservatory Valet

We know our 16 Stage Deluxe Conservatory Valet service is just what you need to get your conservatory back to its former glory. Some of the key steps & benefits include:

  • Full Roof and Window Internal and External deep clean, restoring the conservatory back to its full potential using fit for purpose chemicals.
  • All UPVC cream cleaned for stubborn marks and external UPVC protected with a wax finish, leaving it looking like new!
  • External Glass and or Poly Carbonate treated with a special Hydrophobic formula to make future cleaning easier.
  • Dirt, Grime and Mould removed in those hard to reach places using specialist access equipment to ensure safety & service quality.
  • Hinges, locks and handles all cleaned & lubricated to ensure a smooth operation and to help future proof them.
  • A top class Professional Service by a company you can trust, done completely by hand. No pole systems!

15% off a Deluxe Conservatory Clean if you book today for September onwards.

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Conservatory Cleaning

How does it work?

We do not use a pole system like traditional window cleaners, this is a completely professional service done by hand using specialist access equipment to get up close to all areas of the Conservatory along with specially designed chemicals to clean, treat and protect the Conservatory.

Get in touch for more information on the complete service we offer! Should you require an Internal or an External only we are happy to give you more information on this. If you would like a quotation, please contact us via the contact form or give us a call on our free phone number. We are also happy to do a free home visit to discuss and quote in person.

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