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Snow, Wind & Rain!

Snow, Wind & Rain!

Monday 17th February 2020

Last week in Edinburgh we saw almost every season - apart from Sumer that is! Not ideal Conservatory Cleaning weather. Snow, gale force winds and heavy rain!

Customers often share their concerns with us regarding the best time of year to have a Conservatory Valet carried out, but really, is there a bad time?
The valet we carry out cleans and protects the Conservatory for the coming year, it really is a great service to have done to protect your valuable asset from the elements that we see plenty off here in Scotland.

Our hydrophobic treatment helps to stop agents from binding to the glass / poly carbonate and likewise with the UPVC on your Conservatory, this is protected with a wax finish to again help stop agents binding to it which will make future cleaning easier and keep it cleaner for longer.

By removing debris and cleaning out the gutters around the Conservatory this helps to stop the gutters overflowing sending water where you don't want it, potentially damaging seals and rotting timber on Wooden Conservatories. Gutters not functioning at their maximum efficiency really can be devastating to your Conservatory.

So for us there is no bad time of year to have a Conservatory Valet carried out. However, we certainly understand why most of our customers wish to have this amazing service carried out between March - October. The weather is just that bit nicer - Normally!

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